No Cost Cremation


 Benefits of Donating Your Body to Science

When donating your body to science, you have the satisfaction of knowing that you’re making a positive difference in finding treatments for medical conditions, such as Alzheimer’s disease, heart disease, cancer, diabetes, and many more.

Finding treatments for these conditions wouldn’t be possible without your selfless donation, so you can be a part of something bigger even after your passing. In order to qualify for body donation, please give us a call.


No-Cost Cremation Package

With your gift of body donation, we offer a no-cost cremation package including a cost-free cremation, transportation of the body, and an urn.

  • Transportation
    • Our staff will handle the body with care during the removal and transportation to Science Care.
  • No-Cost Cremation and Urn
    • As a thank you for your generous donation, we are happy to cover your cremation expenses and provide an urn. This also reduces the stress on your loved ones, as they’ll have peace of mind knowing that the cremation expenses are taken care of.


How the No Cost Cremation Process Works:


Step 1
Donor Service Qualification & Coordination

Anyone can contact us to see if they qualify for body donation. We will simply need to ask a few medical-related questions to see if you qualify for the program. Contact us today to pre-qualify or qualify now. Once qualified, we will coordinate the donation. 

Step 2
Removal and Transportation

As mentioned above, once qualified we will handle the body with care and transfer the donor to Science Care. Then, they recover tissues necessary for medical-related research, training programs, and educational purposes. 

Step 3
No Cost Cremation

Once the donation and recovery is complete, we will take care of the cremation process. This is handled by our team of cremation experts in house, so you're loved one will remain with us for this process. 

Step 4
Celebration of Donation

Three to five weeks after the donation, they return your cremated remains in a beautiful urn that honors your legacy and gift of body donation.

We've created a No Cost Cremation Process guide to help you get started.

Read Guide


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If you're interested in donating your body to science, contact us today to start the process.


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