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In recent decades, cremation has become a popular alternative to traditional burial. According to the NFDA, since 2015 the rate of cremation has already surpassed burial and will continue to do so, becoming the main form of disposition in North America. Due to this growing popularity, our funeral home is proud to offer personalized cremation services in Lake Villa, IL.


We have listed below the main information regarding cremation and also our pricing list to help you make an informed decision. 


What is Cremation?


For the Cremation Association of North America (CANA), cremation is a method of final disposition made through a mechanical and/or thermal process that reduces a body into fragments. Usually, the body is incinerated inside a furnace in temperatures between 1400 and 1600 degrees until it turns into ashes. 


Although cremation is an ancient method, the practice has evolved and become highly technical, being monitored throughout the whole process to make sure everything is working right, from the high temperatures to the time of the procedure


After it is complete, the family receives their loved one’s ashes in an urn or container of choice and can decide whether they would like to bury, scatter, or keep them.


Why Choose Cremation?

Cremation services are diverse and offer several benefits for the family to choose the best option that fits their needs, likes, and budgets. Some of them include the lower costs, fewer impacts on the environment, the relation to various religious practices, and the flexibility for the family. See more benefits of this method:


  1. Affordable: Although there are many options available when choosing cremation, this method can cost up to 50% less than a traditional burial. That is because there is no need for a casket, a cemetery property, or even a ceremony. Families only have to pay for the cremation itself and an urn, besides the additional funeral services.
  2. Simple and intimate: Cremation is a much more simple and intimate option since there is no need to arrange a traditional funeral service. Funeral rituals are usually complex and require several steps, such as a reception, a church mass, and the burial at the cemetery. All that needs to be coordinated in advance and it requires a lot of logistics in such a delicate moment. Cremation, on the other hand, offer easier and more personal ways of honoring the deceased, such as celebrations of life and memorial services.
  3. Creative: There is no single answer to what to do with your loved one’s ashes. Because they won’t be placed in a cemetery, you can choose what is the best option for you and your family. The ashes can be kept in an urn, it can be scattered in a special place, or put in different memorial items. Creativity is a way of guaranteeing that the person will be honored and always remembered.
  4. Time: When cremating a loved one the ashes will be with the family for as long as they want, so there is no urgency to do a ceremony. Often the family is caught by surprise and needs more time to process the grief before deciding what kind of service they would like. Cremation is a way to make sure you will have time to arrange something special.
  5. Environmental conscious: If compared to traditional burial services, cremation is a good environmentally friendly alternative. Besides taking up space and causing a disturbance in the ecosystem, a buried body can release chemicals from the embalming fluid into the soil, and other toxins. Even though the cremation process is a source of carbon emissions, its final impact is much less harmful to the environment if compared to other traditional practices.
  6. Religion Beliefs: Cremation is a common practice among Buddhism and Hindu faiths, and in the past few decades, Christianism has also become less strict about cremation. The Catholic church has changed its perception about the method in the past and has reaffirmed its acceptance of cremation in 2016.
  7. Closeness and mobility: Cremation might be a way to keep your loved ones close. An urn is a permanent way to remember the family member, but since it is not fixed in one single place, it can be transported and kept close at all times. Even if your family wishes to scatter the ashes, there is always the possibility of keeping part of the remains in an urn or placing them in a unique object, such as jewelry.  



Details to consider when choosing cremation:

Whether the family opts for a direct cremation or a cremation with any type of service, there are things to consider regarding the process of cremation itself. Talk to our staff to learn more about it and understand the best options for your family. 

  • Clothes: Thinking about a particular attire or valuable personal items your loved one would appreciate wearing is important to make the cremation process even more meaningful. 
  • Special Items: If the family wishes, it is possible to add special items, such as letters or photographs, to the cremation casket.
  • Presence: It is important to decide how your family and friends would like to be involved in the cremation process. While some people only wish to join the ceremonies, other people prefer to be close throughout the whole process.
  • Where to keep the ashes: You can choose different containers, but the most common is a cremation urn. It is usually adorned, and you can choose a model that suits your loved one’s liking the most.



Cremation Service Types

Cremation services are various and perfect to attend to every family’s different and unique needs. Not only can you have a visitation and funeral service with cremation, we strongly encourage you to do so. Every life deserves to be remembered, and holding a service helps people to find closure, say goodbye, and come to terms with the loss.

There are several cremation services types you can choose from, including:

  • Service with a visitation before the cremation. The deceased’s body will be embalmed and prepared for viewing so guests can visit and say their goodbyes.
  • Direct cremation. With this option, the deceased’s body is cremated immediately after the death without a viewing first.
  • Cremation with a service. The deceased is cremated right away and then a funeral service in honor of your loved one is held afterwards.
  • Cremation with a graveside service. The deceased is cremated right away, then, friends and family will gather by the deceased’s grave plot for a formal funeral service
  • Cremation with a celebration of life service. Like the other options, the deceased is cremated right away. Celebration of life services typically take place after the funeral and are more personalized than a traditional funeral.


Cremation Personalization Ideas

Depending on your desired final disposition, there are several ways to personalize cremation services, including:

  • Having a graveside service before the burial of your loved one’s cremated remains. This way family and friends can pay their final respects. It’s a time to reflect on the deceased’s life. 
  • Holding a service for scattering your loved one’s ashes in a memorial garden or another meaningful location. Which places were special to your loved one? Where did they visit often? These might be good locations to scatter their ashes. 
  • Placing the cremated remains in multiple urns so everyone can have their loved one’s final resting place close to them. This way each individual can choose whether they want to keep the ashes or scatter them somewhere special.


Our On-Site Crematory

Our firm is different from others in the area in that we don’t have a chapel in our facilities for services. However, we do offer a beautiful area for family members to gather and be present at the cremation. If you would like to arrange a memorial service or celebration of life to honor your loved one, we will work with you to find an alternative venue. Many families will often plan to hold these services at a place that was meaningful to the deceased. Past services have been held at:

  • Local Churches
  • Country Clubs
  • Reception Halls
  • Convention Center Halls
  • Local VFW
  • Moose Lodge

If you would like to arrange a tour of our beautiful facility, please contact us ahead of time.


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Ready to Plan a Cremation Service?

With our array of personalized options, there is an option for every family’s wants and needs. Our staff is confident we can help you plan a cremation service that truly pays tribute to your loved one.  

Visit our funeral home or contact us for more information about cremation in Lake Villa, IL. 


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Cremation Packages

Cremation with Viewing and Celebration of Life Service (Same Day): Call Us for Pricing 

Our charge includes: professional services of Funeral Director and staff, transfer of deceased from place of death to our location, embalming, other preparation of remains, cremation permit, service vehicle, use of staff for viewing, supervision of viewing or gathering at other facility per two (2) hour period, use of staff for supervision of funeral ceremony and basic cremation process. Additional: Rental Casket, permanent urn, obituary, guest book, prayer cards, cemetery niche or burial, cash advance items, and taxes.  


Cremation with Celebration of Life or Memorial Service: Call Us for Pricing

Our charge includes: professional services of Funeral Director and staff, transfer of deceased from place of death to our location, refrigeration of non-embalmed remains, cremation permit, service vehicle, use of staff and ceremonial wood urn for memorial ceremony at other facility, basic cremation process and basic cardboard alternative container. Additional: upgrade cremation container, permanent urn, obituary, guest book, prayer cards, cemetery niche or burial, cash advance items and taxes. 


Private Family Goodbye with Simple Cremation: Call Us for Pricing 

Our charges includes: professional services of Funeral Director and staff, transfer of deceased from place of death to our location, refrigeration of non-embalmed remains, cremation permit, other preparation of remains, service vehicle, use of facilities for identification viewing up to 30 minutes with a maximum of 3 people, basic cremation process and Transporter alternative container, temporary urn and local delivery of urn and official documents. Additional cost: upgrade cremation container, permanent urn, cash advance items and taxes.   


Direct Cremation: $1,645 

If you want to arrange a direct cremation you can use an alternative container. Alternative containers encase the body and can be made from materials like fiberboard or composite materials with or without an outside covering. The containers we provide are unfinished cardboard boxes. Our charges for direct cremation (without ceremony) include the professional services of the Funeral Director and staff, transfer of remains, refrigeration cremation permit, basic cremation process (except actual cremation process to be performed within 7 to 10 business days from the date of death), temporary urn, local delivery of cremated remains and official documents. Additional cost: upgrade to cremation container, permanent urn, cash advance items and taxes. 

    • Direct Cremation with Basic Cardboard alternative container  
    • Direct Cremation with container provided by purchaser 
    • Direct Cremation with selected casket (in addition to cost of casket)   
    • Direct Cremation with Transporter alternative container 


Cremation Related Charges (Please note: State, Federal and local regulations are followed as scattering cremated remains is selected):

    • Crematory fee (human remains + container up to 300 lbs)  
    • Additional crematory fee per lbs
    • Witness cremation (max of 3 persons by appointment only) 
    • Packaging, postage and shipping of cremated remains 
    • Expedited cremation (actual cremation process to be performed within 48 hours of Medical Examiner/Coroner approval) 
    • Unattended scattering of cremated remains in Lake Michigan or on land (Certificate with location provided after) 
    • Attended scattering of ashes in Lake Michigan by boat (up to 6 passengers) (Certificate with location provided after) 
    • Permit to cremate (required by all Illinois counties) 


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